The  mechanical assemblies, electronics and software for our products make our merchandise highly reliable and affordable. we have supplied hundreds of printers to the leading design industries who may have highly benefitted using our own value -for-money products.

Macart has always been the leader in developing new services and adding unique characteristics to its products. Thanksit its R&D team. Macart may be the first to manufacture Inkjet Printers, Cutting Plotters, Edible Inkjet Printers and is also the first and merely Inkjet Printer Exporter variety India. We have decades of experience in planning and manufacturing of movements control equipments, embedded electronics and RIP software.

Enhanced Colors:
Starjet Rip software has unique algorithms to produce prints with wider color gamut which means your prints will now look even more colorful. Picojet printers can produce sharper images with less smudging as the Macart Printers have unique Ink delivery systems.

Vibrant Backlit:
Picojet backlit prints are more colorful and attractive than ever before with its advanced color enhancement algorithms used in four pass printing.


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